Achievements as NFTs.

A professional network that lives on-chain.

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Badge labs -> lana.eth

Core contributor

Lana was instrumental in architecting and building out the DAO's core contract.

LinkedIn is dead. Long live LinkedIn.

Your achievements shouldn’t be siloed into a single app, they should be accessible wherever you go in the decentralized web. We are making it possible for every organization to support this, starting with
a tool to incentivize and reward talent with on-chain merit.

Badge is a feature-rich protocol

Recoverable Badges

Badges are non-transferable but recoverable. Recipients can set a permanent recovery address, allowing for recoverability while preventing speculation.

Badge level system

Not all achievements are equal. Different levels of merit are distinguished with an integer on-chain. A higher level commands a higher price.

Burn with prejudice

Unwanted Badges can be burnt in exchange for ETH from an entity’s stake. This increases their required stake and temporarily disables them until their stake is refilled.

Permissions system

Enable your team to reward Badges on behalf of an entity by granting permissions on-chain.

Exposure to upside

Proceeds from Badges go into the Badge treasury, which then exposes recipients to upside such an randomized NFT drops and coveted whitelists.

BadgeXP points system

Badge’s non-transferable ERC20 points system can be used by other dapps for sybil-resistance and airdrops.

Mint your Genesis token

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